Why A Winter Wedding Could Be A Winner For You | Stephen Coleclough
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Why A Winter Wedding Could Be A Winner For You

Now, when you think about weddings, chances are that envisage saying “I do” in warm weather, perhaps during the summer months.

This is why summer weddings are much more popular than during any other season.

That said, there are some great things about having a winter wedding, and these are increasing the amount of people who shun the more traditional season of choice and instead choose a winter wedding.

So, what is so great about a winter wedding? Here are some of the things that we believe could convince you that a winter wedding could be a winner for you.

The possibility of snow

Now, we know that it is a long shot, but imagine the possibility of getting married surrounded by snow?

The idea of this is enough to make any of us want to say I do during the winter.

Not only is it going to help you to create the most amazing photos, but also, having snow on your big day, even just a dusting is said to be a sign of prosperity and fertility.

You get the evening vibe for longer

As the sun sets on your ceremony and wedding breakfast, you know that the party is going to get started.

If you get married during the summer months then you are going to have to wait that little bit longer for the evening, party vibe.

However, if you get married in the winter months, then the sun sets earlier and you will be able to get the party started a whole lot earlier.

You can dress up the outside making it look romantic

With those darker early evenings, also comes the chance to decorate the outside of the venue and give it a truly romantic vibe.

Lanterns, fairy lights, candles if it is appropriate, all things that can really add into the feeling that your venue is truly romantic and magical.

Your wedding is likely to be cheaper

One of the best things about having a wedding in the winter is that it is going to be considerably cheaper than if you got married in the summer months.

You are also likely to find a venue easier and perhaps even be able to afford a venue that you would love to have, but that you simply wouldn’t have been able to afford in the summer months.

Your guests won’t be wedding weary

Whilst plenty of guests love nothing more than a good wedding, during the summer months, it can become a little tiresome having to head to lots of weddings.

If you plan to get married in the winter, then there is a good chance that your guests won’t have attended a wedding for a while, which means that they will be fresh and ready to party.

Great for you both as a couple.

As you can see, there are a number of perks to getting married in the winter months, so, if you are considering it as an option, why not take a look at your local venues and see what you can get for your money, simply by choosing to get married “off season”.

Stephen Coleclough
Stephen Coleclough

Stephen Coleclough is one of the UK's premier wedding DJs and the winner of multiple industry awards and accolades. His favourite wedding song? Love Shack of course - a guaranteed floor filler! You can find him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/colecloughdj.

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