What To Think About When Planning Your Second Wedding
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What To Think About When Planning Your Second Wedding

When you say I do then you are going to want it to last forever, however, things change and life moves on, which means that plenty of people are thinking about getting married again.

Planning a second wedding can be slightly different to planning your first wedding.

So, if you are getting married all over again, then here are some of the things that you need to think about when it comes to planning your second wedding.

Remember that it is still your special day

Lots of people seem to think that there is a stigma attached to getting married more than once.

However, this really isn’t the case.

There are so many reasons why someone may be getting married again and we can assure you that those closest to you are not likely to judge you for it.

Remember that you are allowed your own happiness and that you need to think about your future.

This should come before any of the planning or formalities that tie up with a wedding.

Make it different

One thing that is commonplace with second wedding is that they are often completely different to the first.

This is especially true if you had a formal, traditional wedding first time round and want to make it slightly more casual second time.

There is a good chance that for your second wedding you are going to be the hosts, rather than your parents, so this is one big difference to the invitations as well as the planning as a whole.

Think about an alternative wedding dress

Some people want to wear a traditional wedding dress for their second wedding, whilst some people may want to choose something different.

There really are no rules on how many times you can look like a princess in your life.

For those who want something different then not only do bridal shops offer dresses that are slightly different in their style and design, but there are also lots of high street stores that are taking a different approach to bridalwear.

Do you want a gift list?

If you have been married before then chances are that you are not going to feel comfortable accepting gifts or money from your guests second time around.

Of course, you are still going to have those people who want to give you something.

You could ask them to contribute to your honeymoon, or, if you are really not keen on receiving gifts of any kind, then you could perhaps ask them to donate to your favourite charity instead.

As you can see, there is plenty to think about when it comes to planning a second wedding, but the main one is that you should always remember that no-one should judge you.

Everyone deserves the chance to have that one special day with the right person as well as a lifetime of happiness after that.

Stephen Coleclough
Stephen Coleclough

Stephen Coleclough is one of the UK's premier wedding DJs and the winner of multiple industry awards and accolades. His favourite wedding song? Love Shack of course - a guaranteed floor filler! You can find him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/colecloughdj.

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