The Things That You Must Do On The Morning Of Your Big Day
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Wake Up, It’s A Beautiful Morning! The Things That You Must Do On The Morning Of Your Big Day

It may seem that it has been an age in the planning, but the time has finally come, it is your wedding day!

Waking up on your wedding day is one of the best feelings ever, however, before you know it the entire morning can whizz by in a haze of make-up hair and nerves.

With everything going by so fast, it can be all too easy to forget to enjoy the time that you have.

So, with this in mind we have put together the 7 things that every bride should do on their wedding morning.

Share a toast with your special ladies

Nearly every bride will indulge in a glass or two of fizz on their big day, however, make sure that you really relish this moment.

Raise a toast with your mother, your bridesmaids or anyone else that is there with you.

Not only is it an incredibly special moment, but will also make for some really interesting photos too.

Make sure that you eat

There is a good chance that you won’t exactly feel like eating due to all the nerves and excitement, but it is really important that you make sure you eat.

Some brides may opt for something filling to start the day, but another great idea is to task your bridesmaids to create nibble platters with lots of love treats, which you can all dive into as and when you feel the need.

Treat everyone to matching PJs

We have seen more and more that brides are treating their special ladies to personalised and matching PJs for the wedding morning.

One of the most popular styles are dressing gowns with names or roles on the back.

They are great fun and something that the bridesmaids can treasure forever.

Relax and enjoy the pampering

It isn’t very often that you are going to be pampered and looked after as much as you are on your wedding day.

So, make sure that you enjoy it.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and relax.

You can trust in the make up and hair artists and that they will make sure that you look beautiful.

Have fun

Another thing that is all too easy to forget during your wedding morning is to have some fun.

This is one of the best days of your life and what better way can you start your big day then by sharing plenty of laughter with those who you love the most?

Some of the best wedding photos are natural ones of the brides and their bridesmaids simply smiling and chatting, so make sure that you make time to sit together during all those hectic preparations.

Don’t stress

Finally, with so many things to think about and of course stress about, everything can feel a bit overwhelming.

One of the biggest pieces of advice that many brides will tell you is to try not to stress about things, particularly those smaller details.

They may seem huge at the time, but when your wedding day is over and done, they won’t even matter!

Stephen Coleclough
Stephen Coleclough

Stephen Coleclough is one of the UK's premier wedding DJs and the winner of multiple industry awards and accolades. His favourite wedding song? Love Shack of course - a guaranteed floor filler! You can find him on Twitter at

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