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Top Tips For Hiring Out A Wedding DJ

So you’ve got a wedding to plan.

A lot is happening, and it is all fascinating.

However, in the middle of all of that, you’ve got to hire out a wedding DJ to make sure that your special day goes down without a hitch.

We’re going to be sharing some of our top tips for choosing a wedding DJ so that you can make sure you have the best possible choice for your event.

Check their licence

One of the first things that you should do when it comes to your wedding DJ is to make sure that they have all of the proper qualifications to be able to perform at your wedding.

A DJ will always have a licence, and the right kind of insurance to be able to use their equipment and be covered in the event of an accident.

Meet them beforehand

One of the most important things that you should do with any potential wedding DJ is to meet them beforehand.

Any good DJ will make the time to visit you before the wedding.

There, they’ll discuss your needs and requirements, and will work to make sure that the musical elements of your wedding are set up and ready to go.

Quiz them for details

When you’ve got questions for a wedding DJ, you’ve got to ask them before the wedding and before you agree to use them.

Ask them how they get the crowd pumped up and in the mood to dance.

Ask them if they do song requests, and how they’ll be arriving at the venue.

Leave nothing to chance, and make sure you know everything about the DJ well ahead of time.

Establish your venue

One of the things which you need to do when it comes to your wedding DJ is to ask them if they have in fact been to the venue beforehand.

This is something which is important because every venue has a different acoustic.

There’ll be an optimal spot for the DJ to set up, and you need to make sure that they’re aware of the best place to be, and if they have any experience with the venue before.

Some DJ’s will offer to go to a new venue ahead of time and make sure they’ve got a feel for where they should set up, and this is an indication of a good wedding DJ because it shows commitment and a willingness to make your day special.

Overall, these are just a few tips to make sure that you hire out a wedding DJ who will make your night the best it can be.

Your DJ is someone which you need to consider carefully because they can make the difference between a good wedding and a great one.

You want to get someone who’s dedicated to their profession, and someone who’s experienced enough to give you the wedding that you’ve always dreamed of.

Asking a lot of questions is the best way to do things, as it will help you to make the best choice.

Stephen Coleclough
Stephen Coleclough

Stephen Coleclough is one of the UK's premier wedding DJs and the winner of multiple industry awards and accolades. His favourite wedding song? Love Shack of course - a guaranteed floor filler! You can find him on Twitter at

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