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Alternative Choices For A First Dance Song

The first song of the wedding is always the most important because this is the song that the bride and groom will dance to.

A lot of couples will choose their own special song that is unique to their relationship.

This could be the first song that they heard together when they went on their first date.

It could also be a song that they simply both like to listen to.

The only problem is that the guests might not like the song.

Even though this is the bride and groom’s special day, it is always better to have a crowd of guests who are all happy and excited.

That is why truly makes a wedding day great.

If you’re looking for alternative song choices for the first dance song at a wedding, then try to be original in your choices.

Many couples have used Frank Sinatra songs as their first dance songs, but those have gotten overdone.

It would be better to choose a song that no one would expect to hear as the first dance song. In fact, if you can choose a song that most people at your wedding have never heard of, then that is even better.

One example of a unique first dance song would be The Flaming Lips’ single “Do You Realize”.

This is a song that may seem dark at first, but it has a significant message that is important for couples to hear.

The message is that you must value each and every moment in your life with the ones you love and not take any of it for granted.

So many married couples these days have forgotten this message, which makes it a good reminder to a newly married couple.

If you want to keep the first dance song steady and sweet, then you can’t go wrong with Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon.”

It is really a ballad that is slow moving and has a message of love to it.

The song sounds like something that couples might dance to in a country bar, but it works for weddings too.

Even if you’re not interested in country music, this song certainly is fun to listen to.

There is a little bit of hop in the music too, which makes it easy to dance to.

When you think of wedding song artists, you might not think of David Bowie immediately.

However, his song “Heroes” would make an excellent first dance song simply because of its message of trying out love and living in the moment.

Often times, married couples get so preoccupied with superficial worries that they forget how important love is.

This message would go over well at a wedding.

Everyone has heard of The Rolling Stones.

Their love song “She Smiled Sweetly” is not usually considered for a first dance song, but it certainly makes a great alternative first dance song.

It will be easy to dance to this song because it is a waltz and has a steady pace to it.

Most of the people at your wedding will have probably heard this song before because it’s a classic Rolling Stones song.

Finally, one of the best messages you could have at a wedding is always staying by your partner’s side forever.

Death Cab for Cutie has a song entitled “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” which has this very message to it.

The very title alone gives away the message quite clearly.

It can be interpreted as always being by your side no matter what dark times you fall into.

This is a heightened version of “for better or for worse.”

Stephen Coleclough
Stephen Coleclough

Stephen Coleclough is one of the UK's premier wedding DJs and the winner of multiple industry awards and accolades. His favourite wedding song? Love Shack of course - a guaranteed floor filler! You can find him on Twitter at

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